miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2017

Smoking in Russia

Many people smoke and it's harmful for their health. They start and later they need more and more, so they become addicts to tobacco. When smokers smoke in public places, other people who are there can inhale the smoke and they can become "passive smokers", people who inhale tobacco's smoke can suffer the same symptoms that people who smoke.
I agree with Putin because this law can reduce the rate of Russians that are considered smokers

Description of a photo

Hi Albert!
Look at this magazine. There's a photo of my family in it! We're in Austria because we're on holidays. The woman in the red jacket is my mum, and the man who is next to her is my dad. They love skiing  and they taught me to ski when I was younger. My mother is holding my sister, Jamie. It's Jamie's first time skiing, and I taught her. It's strange, she hates cold but she loves skiing! The boy in the blue jacket and orange gloves is my brother, Ryan. He helped me to make the snowman you're looking at. It was so funny. At the beggining we can't decide what to put on the snowman, so we put it my scarf on. You can't see me because I'm taking the photo. I think that it should be better to put my mum's hat  or my dad's sunglasses on, but they don't want to take them off. They said that it's cold. But look at me! I'm freezing!
Call me later

miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

My cousin's communion

Last Saturday was my cousin's communion. Arouns 75 friends and family members were there. It was in a restaurant in Dúrcal. It was very exciting and the food was delicious. There was fish and potatoes for children and rice, meat, salad and prawns for adults. There was also ice cream for everyone. The cake was very tasty, and there was a piece for everyone. After the meal, there was music and dancing. There also was photographs and games for the children. There were a lot of presents for my cousin and she was very happy. My dress was quite nice, but my cousin's dress was the most beautiful in the party. It was an enjoyable event and everyone was vey happy.


Paddle is a fun sport for children and adults. You play it on a special paddle court with walls. There are two teams with two players in each one. You use a ball similar to a tennis ball and a paddle racket with holes. You must hit the ball with the racket. The ball can rebound on the balls and the floor. When the other team don't hit the ball you get a number of points. With a high number of points you get a set. You win when you get  three sets

miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017


Je m'appelle Lucía. Mes noms sont García Pérez. Je suis espagnole. J'habite à Molvízar. Je suis petite. Je suis très sympa! J'adore les reportages sur la nature et le tennis. Je déteste la violence. Ma matière préférée est le français et ma couleur préférée est le bleu. Au revoir!

viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017

Vocabulaire de Noël

1.- Sapin de Noël  Árbol de Navidad
2.- Guirlande  Guirnalda
3.- Boule  Bola
4.- Etoille  Estrella
5.- Bougies  Velas
6.- Cloches  Campanas
7.- Chausettes de Noël  Calcatines Navideños
8.- Père Noël  Papá Noel
9.- Trainean  Trineo
10.- Rennes  Renos
11.- Elfes  Elfos
12.- Cheminée  Chimenea
13.- Cadeaux  Regalos
14.- Jouets  Juguetes
15.- Chanteur  Cantante
16.- Chant de Noël  Villancico
17.- Carte de voeux  Chrismas
18.- Repas de Réveillon  Cena de Nochebuena
19.- Dinde (dindon) Pavo
20.- Champagne  Campán
21.- Boche de Noël  Tronco de Navidad
22.- Marrons glacés  Castañas glaseadas

miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

More dialogues

Situation 1
A- Hello, can I help you?
B- Hi, my name is Lucie Jones. I'd like some information about guitar lessons.
A- How old are you?
B- I'm 14
A- Do you want to private lessons or would you like to join a class?
B- I don't know. How often is the class?
A- The class for your age is twice a week
B- When is the class?
A- On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 p.m
B- How much does it cost?
A- The class is 75 pounds a month
B- Thanks. Let me think about it.
Situation 2
A.- Can I help you?
B- Hi, my name is Eduard Scott. I'd like some information about art classes
A- How old are you?
B- I'm 12
A- Do you want to private lessons or would you like to join a class?
B- I don't know. How often is the class?
A- The class for your at 6:30 p.m 
B- How much does it cost?
A- The class is 60 pounds a month
B- Thanks. Let me think about it